FREE Talking Cartoons. 

TWENTY TWO,  silly British style, TALKING cartoons. no longer than 30 seconds. Ideal for a quick lift of the spirit. Feel free to pass them on to anyone you wish.

Updated September 18 2023

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Occasionally, products exceed what is advertised. Oscar's wife is through the roof with here new power riser chair.

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Power Chair TMB


A new twist on a very old gag.

The last thing you expect to see in a Western saloon is a talking dog.

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Looking for the manTMB


When your wife says she has a new hair style the least you can do is to LOOK before commenting.

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New Hair Style TMB


Professionalism is being able to functional quietly and peacefully when your client has gone totally ballistic.

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anger Management TMB


Do you sometimes imagine that your little puppy is exercising some form of mind control. When it comes to sausages they certainly can.

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Sausages TMB


Be careful what you ask for in a tropical bar when you are on holiday. You may get exactly what you asked for.

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How can simple tribesmen outwit the might of the British Army? Possibly with a small, simple device.

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Flight Risk.

When does a judge refuse bail? There are certain times when a suspects appearance in court cannot be guaranteed.

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Flight Risk


Apparently, based on a true story. soldiers in the first world war had stuff put in their tea to make them forget about sex and women. Did it work? Did it last?

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still not working


How many times have you heard that phrase in old black and white movies. Well, here's a new twist.

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Follow that Cab TMB


Husbands mean well, but sometimes their compassion can go over the top.

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Toe Nail TMB


Ah! if only we would listen to our smarter, more directionally tuned in wives. Then disasters would be avoided.

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Turn Left TMB


Ok, you are a cannibal, but occasionally you want to try something new, something with a bit of body in it.

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Irish Stew TMB

forgot keys

I Forgot My Keys.

We have all forgotten keys at some time, but poor old Oscar takes his forgetfulness to an extreme.

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Falling off a horse

Falling of a Horse.

We all know what you are supposed to do when you fall of a horse. But what if you fall off a horse and fall over a cliff?

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Have you ever gone to a butcher's shop and met a real "Bolshy" butcher?

Oscar just wanted two pork chops.

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Last Waltz.

Now what were the organisers thinking when they hired a heavy metal band for an over seventies dance? Some music styles, sadly seem to be forgotten.

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firegoing out


We all know the scene; Old couple sitting by the fire. He's reading and doesn't want to be disturbed. Then, inevitably . .  the fire goes out.

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Mega Fries

Mega Fries.

Obviously not the smartest waitress in the world. Someone in the restaurant has ordered Mega Fries and requires ketchup, but who could that be?

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Not Hungry

Not Hungry.

Ah! Modern high class dining. Usually the higher the price ,the smaller the meal. Not in this case, Andre, the chef has promised they will not go home hungry.

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Turn it down

Turn it Down.

Sadly, in my fifty years as a guitarist I was told this too many times. But no one quite took it to this extreme level.

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did not tip her

Did Not Tip Her.

There is a certain protocol when visiting a fine dining restaurant. Failing to offer a gratuity can have consequences.

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